Mains Powered Eco Pump

Ultra 280 High Performance Energy Efficient variable speed Mains Powered Eco Pump

7 Star Energy Rating and ‘Solar Ready’

For pool filtration and the perfect choice for Pool Heating

For Pool Filtration, reduce speed and save power.  Ultra 280 speed can be reduced to a staggeringly economical 190 watts whilst providing adequate flow to keep your pool clean.

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SUNSMART ULTRA 280 is ‘Plug & Play’ Solar Ready. Simply connect solar panels to the solar connectors and the Ultra 280 will run on solar power to virtually ELIMINATE electricity consumption. Even on moderate cloudy days, Ultra 280 will run totally from solar power; no MAINS electricity consumed

05 Ultra 280 star label

Variable Speed Benefits

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve filtration efficiency
  • Quieter operation
  • Improve pump longevity

Running at Maximum Speed

  • Input Power 0.6 kW
  • 16m Maximum Head
  • 290 L/Min Maximum Flow
  • 3m Positive Lift

Running at Eco-Speed 1450 RPM

  • Input Power 0.191 kW
  • 4m Maximum Head
  • 165 L/Min Maximum Flow







For Pool Heating, this is the most Economical Pump you could choose

Ultra 280 consumes just 600 watts of power at FULL SPEED, making it one of the most economical mains powered electric pumps available, perfect for Mains Powered Pool Heating, AND it’s ‘Solar Ready’ – add solar panels and when the suns shining the pump runs for free

  • Input Power just 600 watts    
  • 16m Maximum Head    
  • 290 L/Min Maximum Flow

Variable speedSome pool heating systems need to run at slower speeds. Ultra 280 speed can be reduced to the perfect flow rate to suit your pool heating requirements.

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