Solar & Mains Day/Night Packages

Everything you need, ready to install!

With our all-in-one kits, you get everything you need to run your SunSmart solar power pool pump on-grid and off-grid, depending on your usage needs.

Our high-efficiency solar power pool pumps and solar panels will power your pump throughout the day, and for night-time running of cleaning mechanisms or water features, we also include a mains transformer Power Pack to convert your domestic AC power into the DC power needed to run the pump.

This combination provides the complete solution for your pool pumping needs, and will run completely free on sunny and partially cloudy days. Your low-power brushless SunSmart DC motor will also consume far less energy from the mains (about two thirds less power is consumed) compared to conventional pumps, so even when running on-grid, it’s saving you money!

Receive a professional installation rebate, or do it yourself!

Thanks to our smaller pump and panel systems being ELV (Extra Low Voltage) appliances, you don’t need an electrical licence to install them. So if you or a friend is technically minded and don’t mind getting stuck in, you can install your solar power pool pump and avoid paying for a professional to do the installation!

If however you’d rather claim the government rebates for professionally installed solar panels, let us know and we’ll send out a SunSmart and Clean Energy Council-approved technician to do the installation for you. Rebates are usually around $180 per panel, so for 4 panels, you could be saving almost $800!

• SunSmart Ultra 280, 500 watt 48V 3 phase DC solar power pool pump
• 290 L/Min max flow rate
• 16m max head
• 3m positive lift
• Pump controller (see below)
• 4 x 275 watt solar panels
• Solar panel mounting kit
• DC isolator
• MC4 parallel Split leads
• MC4 cable connectors
• 5-year warranty* on pump and controller
• 25-year performance warranty on solar panels
• Mains Power Pack (see connection overview)

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 *Warranty – 3 year full warranty on pumps followed by an extra 2 year pro-rata warranty. 3 year warranty on controllers. Note: 2 year warranty on mechanical seal.  2 year warranty on Power Pack.  Conditions apply. Warranty statements available upon request