“I am writing to express my gratitude to Peter and his solar power pool pumps team. My new solar power pool pump is running quietly and efficiently, and has proven to be great value for money having reduced my electricity bill by more than half. A superb job! Peter and his team run a truly professional operation and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering installing or upgrading an energy saving system. I love my new pool pump to death!!”

Debra Campbell, Beverly Hills NSW

“We purchased our solar powered pool filtration pump back in June 2012. We had already installed solar power which with the 44 cent feed in tariff almost completely eliminated our electricity bill, but not quite. With the new solar power pool pump eliminating 14 to 16kWh of power cost a day, we haven’t had to pay a power bill since having it installed, and our grid feed in bonus has increased dramatically. This is the best investment we’ve made in a long time.”

Jim Lette, Eton QLD